Lily takes a trip to Lake Tahoe…

Well, since Miss Lily arrived about 6 weeks earlier than planned our Lake Tahoe maternity session ended up being inside Marshall hospital on the maternity level, during the birth. Well, not really…but sort of. I’ve been through alot with this family through the years, so we are able to sigh and then giggle to each other about this. Upon arriving in Tahoe for Lily’s 3.5 month session, we had planned to walk out to the beach and a dock but Tahoe had just had a random hail storm and the field we had to cross to get there just wasn’t suited for the lovely, fresh seersucker outfits Kailey had picked out. We tried for awhile to keep 3.5 year old, and big brother Nyron out of the mud puddles but that was mostly futile. HE’S ALL BOY!

Lily was a little fussy that day so we had to work quick in the bright light of the open field. What we captured was a vignette of the busyness of parenting both an infant and 3 year old- sometimes working together, sometimes dividing and conquering…but working together to get it done.

Kailey and Matt are some of my favorite people to photograph and this day was no exception. After a bit, Matt took Nyron out to the ice cream shop while Kailey and I worked to soothe and to capture a few more of Miss Lily on the lovely lemon blankie. Love you all, but you know that!


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