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IMG_5776Several weeks ago I sent out an email requesting your support in voting for me in the Style Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards. And now I’m getting back in touch to show my appreciation because…

Lisa Richmond Photography was voted #1 Favorite Wedding Photographer and #2 Family Photographer for 2015!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for taking the time out of your busy schedule and the litany of to-dos, to click through the online ballot and register your vote. I am so fortunate to be able to do something I love every day and knowing that it is appreciated by the very people I do it for, is the icing on the cake and the cherry on the top of the sundae.

Although many of the winners took out ads to thank their customers in the most recent edition of the publication, I also wanted to let you know why you won’t see my name there. In lieu of spending money on an ad for my business, I instead decided to donate that money back into the community of the region at-large that supports me. My ad money was sent to the Red Cross efforts to help victims of the Butte Fire. Living in a town where the threat of wildfire is real, especially in these times of drought, supporting those who are not as fortunate whenever I can, is very important to me.

Once again, thank you for all you do to support Lisa Richmond Photography. I have loved working with every one of you and today my gratitude overflows.

Thanks for stopping by. Check in every so often to see recent photography sessions, weddings, and family fun. I also post little tidbits about my life and work so you can get to know me a little better. Take a peek, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Lisa Richmond Photography_2250You may remember the Orlino family from their newest addition, Eloise’s, birth back in August. It was my first time meeting Rebecca and Elmo and I only managed to capture a glimpse of their 4 year old twins, Sam and Oliver, via Skype. So I was excited to capture everyone together during a recent family session at Sly Park Lake up here in Pollock Pines.

Sam and Oliver are typical 4 year old boys who can’t stand in one place for longer than a few seconds. They walked up “mountains” of rock beside the lake and down the mountains of rock, threw stones, played with snow, and wielded sticks. I joked that they were like Huck and Tom from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, exploring the great wild yonder. Although I did happen to remember that there was a session in recent history when a brother accidentally hit his sibling in the head with a rock and which resulted in an urgent care visit… and so, despite Elmo being a doctor, we curtailed some of the stone throwing.

Meanwhile us adults, along with baby Eloise in one or another’s parent’s arms, did our best to keep up with them, hoping and praying that, along the way we could bribe the twins to sit still for long enough that a photo with all 5 of them came together. It happened eventually, as it always does, and I have Rebecca to thank for that in part, since she was an incredibly calm and patient mom throughout. (I should probably also thank George Lucas because I believe something Star Wars was part of the successful bribe.)

Baby Eloise, meanwhile, was a doll. She was quiet and incredibly amiable the entire time, right up until the end as the temperature dropped and when mom had to wrap her up in a sling. It was wonderful to see how much she had grown in just the few months since her birth.

Lisa Richmond Photography_2234 Lisa Richmond Photography_2236 Lisa Richmond Photography_2233 Lisa Richmond Photography_2235 Lisa Richmond Photography_2237 Lisa Richmond Photography_2239 Lisa Richmond Photography_2240 Lisa Richmond Photography_2238 Lisa Richmond Photography_2241 Lisa Richmond Photography_2242 Lisa Richmond Photography_2243 Lisa Richmond Photography_2245 Lisa Richmond Photography_2246 Lisa Richmond Photography_2247 Lisa Richmond Photography_2248

Lisa Richmond Photography_2249

Lisa Richmond Photography_2253

Lisa Richmond Photography_2192

Melanie and Mark were married at St. Joseph Marello Catholic Church in Granite Bay on a beautiful Friday afternoon, with a reception at Flower Farm Inn in Loomis. So rarely do I get to shoot weddings in churches these days and I so loved the stained glass windows, the cavernous high ceilings, and details of the alter.  Coupled with the sermon delivered by the priest, it lent a certain solemnity to the ceremony.

And what a beautiful celebration this was, in one of my favorite reception venues and with lots of thoughtful details that played on Melanie and Mark’s initials. M & M monikers were everywhere from table runners and napkins to waxed donut bags and three feet high, brassy decorations at the entrance to the reception barn. (And while we’re on the subject of those apple donuts: YUMMY!)

Melanie’s father gave a hilarious toast, speaking about the first Thanksgiving he spent with Melanie and Mark as a couple, and faking everyone out with several false endings to his speech. Mark’s brother and best man’s toast was equally well-delivered, sharing an emotional story about the time he and his son went to Yosemite with Mark – a toast which was interrupted by Melanie’s nephew who wanted to share his sloppy, half-eaten apple with the bride and groom.

The evening ended with adults and children dancing together to the live band who did a great job of jumping into the fray and involving the dancers in every song.

What a fantastic day with two wonderful and warm families! Congratulations Melanie and Mark. I loved being there to capture every heartfelt moment and detail.

Photographer’s Assistant and Second Shooter: Michelle McDaid.  Ceremony Venue: St. Joseph Marello Catholic Church, Granite Bay, CA. Reception Venue: Flower Farm Inn, Loomis, CA.  Hair and Make-Up: Shaylyn Buck / Maribou Salon Staging: Celebrations Party Rentals /Floral Design The Posh Posey / Band: The MIXX Band / Invites and Art: Honey Paperie

Lisa Richmond Photography_2179 Lisa Richmond Photography_2188 Lisa Richmond Photography_2180 Lisa Richmond Photography_2181 Lisa Richmond Photography_2182 Lisa Richmond Photography_2184 Lisa Richmond Photography_2185 Lisa Richmond Photography_2191 Lisa Richmond Photography_2183 Lisa Richmond Photography_2186 Lisa Richmond Photography_2187 Lisa Richmond Photography_2189 Lisa Richmond Photography_2190 Lisa Richmond Photography_2205 Lisa Richmond Photography_2178 Lisa Richmond Photography_2193 Lisa Richmond Photography_2194 Lisa Richmond Photography_2195 Lisa Richmond Photography_2196 Lisa Richmond Photography_2197 Lisa Richmond Photography_2198 Lisa Richmond Photography_2199 Lisa Richmond Photography_2200 Lisa Richmond Photography_2201 Lisa Richmond Photography_2202 Lisa Richmond Photography_2203 Lisa Richmond Photography_2206 Lisa Richmond Photography_2207 Lisa Richmond Photography_2208 Lisa Richmond Photography_2209 Lisa Richmond Photography_2204 Lisa Richmond Photography_2210

Photographer’s Assistant and Second Shooter: Michelle McDaid.  Ceremony Venue: St. Joseph Marello Catholic Church, Granite Bay, CA. Reception Venue: Flower Farm Inn, Loomis, CA.  Hair and Make-Up: Shaylyn Buck / Maribou Salon Staging: Celebrations Party Rentals /Floral Design The Posh Posey / Band: The MIXX Band / Invites and Art: Honey Paperie






Lisa Richmond El Dorado High School Senior Photographer_0011


Kyle is graduating El Dorado High School next year. His mom, Tess, saw my Senior session with our mutual friend’s daughter, Megan, on my blog a few weeks ago, and decided to book a session for Kyle. That’s how things go down in this neck of the woods. Forget 6 degrees of separation, it’s more like 2!

We started the session photographing Kyle with his bike and truck.  He’s into motocross and that gave us the perfect opportunity to whip out the flash and grab some dramatic, editorial-type shots of him on the back of his truck, the evening sky the backdrop behind him.

After capturing his love for basketball, we ended up on the point at the edge of Pinecone campground. Tess jumped into a few pictures too, emotional to think about her only child leaving for college. Love those mom moments.

Kyle isn’t quite sure what his plans are for college yet but he loves the outdoors and would love to work outside; he’s thinking about a Game warden or something similar. I definitely understand that desire to be working outdoors and being active vs. having a desk job. I hope he finds something where he can live out that passion!

As the light started to leave the point, I happened to notice some incredible, golden light passing over the shoreline across from us. I couldn’t let it pass without us capturing something of it and so I told Kyle “We’re going to chase the light. Let’s see if you can beat me there!” Which, of course, he did, as he’s a teenager who plays basketball and I’m, well, not (but to my credit- we did arrive there basically about the same time…likely a gentleman move). Meanwhile I ran with cameras flying hoping neither of us would twist an ankle (it’s the mom in me!)

So worth it, however. The light we caught was fantastic, if very fleeting. It was gone by the time Tess and Rachael made it over there! Thanks Kyle!


Lisa Richmond El Dorado High School Senior Photographer_0001 Lisa Richmond El Dorado High School Senior Photographer_0002 Lisa Richmond El Dorado High School Senior Photographer_0003 Lisa Richmond El Dorado High School Senior Photographer_0004 Lisa Richmond El Dorado High School Senior Photographer_0005 Lisa Richmond El Dorado High School Senior Photographer_0006 Lisa Richmond El Dorado High School Senior Photographer_0007 Lisa Richmond El Dorado High School Senior Photographer_0008 Lisa Richmond El Dorado High School Senior Photographer_0009 Lisa Richmond El Dorado High School Senior Photographer_0010

  • Tess - November 12, 2015 - 7:14 pm

    Thank you so much Lisa for capturing these amazing shots of Kyle. You brought out Kyle’s true personality from the very beginning of his shoot. You took a situation he was dreading lol and made it one that he truly enjoyed and have given us pictures and memories to last a lifetime!

Sacramento Family Photographer_2118

Ah, I love this family. I don’t even think I have space to list all the wonderful opportunities I’ve had to share in and capture their story but I know I’m blessed to be able to have done so.  And so, after weddings and births and an exciting new house purchase, we’re already at baby Nyron turning 8 months old. Which means crawling and moving and nibbling on anything he can get his chubby little hands on.

We started our session at the family’s new home in Cameron Park and moved on to Cameron Park lake for some outdoor shots. The latter was cut short, however, after Nyron got a taste for duck poop. Ahem. So we ended up back at home for cuddles on the couch and a reading of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” with some beautiful window light. Of course, The Very Hungry Caterpillar was no match for the very hungry Nyron, who managed to grub happily on the edges of the board book, a cheeky grin spreading across his face. (Still better than duck poo.)

The session ended with an epic paint-play session on the floor and a quick bath to clean-up. I loved watching Nyron scooting back and forth across a plastic sheet of multi-colored paints, his little hands squelching in the sensory experience and turning his little booty into an abstract work of art. Such a great idea, Kailey!


Sacramento Family Photographer_2119 Sacramento Family Photographer_2120 Sacramento Family Photographer_2121 Sacramento Family Photographer_2122 Sacramento Family Photographer_2123 Sacramento Family Photographer_2124 Sacramento Family Photographer_2125 Sacramento Family Photographer_2126 Sacramento Family Photographer_2127 Sacramento Family Photographer_2128 Sacramento Family Photographer_2129 Sacramento Family Photographer_2130 Sacramento Family Photographer_2131 Sacramento Family Photographer_2132 Sacramento Family Photographer_2133 Sacramento Family Photographer_2134

Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2089

Phyllis is the mom of my friend and long-term client, Jessica. Jessica and her family have been in front of my lens countless times in the last decade. But this time it was her mom’s turn as she reached the milestone age of 80.

A former dancer, Phyllis knew she was having a party but didn’t know where, so she was not only surprised but thrilled when her celebration brought her to Arthur Murray dancing school in Folsom.  There was a dance exhibition and lessons available for those brave enough to step out onto the floor and an amazing spread of food to graze upon throughout the evening.  Phyllis was toasted by her brother, daughter, grandchildren and friends in beautiful, heartfelt speeches, and then ended the night with her one request: a waltz across the dance floor with the instructor.

What a fantastic celebration for a wonderful lady and her extended family! Here are a few of my favorites from the night!
Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2106 Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2087 Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2088 Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2090 Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2091 Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2092 Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2093 Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2094 Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2095 Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2096 Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2097 Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2105 Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2104 Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2103 Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2102 Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2101 Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2100 Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2099 Sacramento Birthday Event Photographer_2098