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Helping to turn a very important day around for one of my brides….

Yesterday, about 30 minutes before I was to leave for a wedding at Wedgewood Sequoia- I get a call from a VERY upset bride. She seemed inconsolable. You see, her hair and make up person botched the job, left to go out to her car, said she was going to be back, never came back and took my brides money. This was about 3 hours before her ceremony was to start.

After assuring and reassuring her that all was going to be ok-I’d make it work in any way I could, I got on the phone with Kristina at Waterfall Salon and she said to send the wedding party down and that she would take care of them right away. And she did. Thank you so much Kristina. I then had to leave to start the job so I had least had some hope that I could fulfill the promise I just made with my bride, I got on the phone with Dottie at Camino Flower Shop, because she basically knows everyone and she took over, and was able to set up our bride with the fabulous Penny Chabot who came right out to the Sequoia and started in on makeup. Thank you Penny!

All I had to do was put a slight adjustment in the photo schedule and keep assuring everyone that all was going to work out great ..and poof. Happy Happy bride. A total shift!

When I first met Jodi at about 5pm yesterday, after her hair was done she greeted me with a smile and a huge hug of gratitude. Jodi and Jeremy had an amazing wedding celebration and it felt so great to play a role in shifting that energy for them. The groom thanked me at the end the night telling me that I went above and beyond….What did I get other than a very happy bride which made for a very happy couple? Just knowing their night turned around for them was more than enough. However, in addition, I got the gift of a great night in the creative flow.

As an artist, you never know when these are coming, you only know when you are in it. It is really the best place to be. Ideas are just flowing and you are in sync. It’s not that my images are the best I’ve ever shot or anything- but you see wedding photography is problem solving- 8 or more hours of it- and not tons of time to ponder. Find a solution to subject, light or whatever, and go with it. When these solutions come easier, it just makes for a great day. My assistant Amy absolutely rocked it, always reassuring and gentle with our brides while thinking ahead of me two steps and that helps so much for me to stay present in the moment and see that oh so fabulous light and composition just a little bit easier.

Many thanks to Dottie for stepping in and finishing up the job! What a heart on that lady! It’s a great team @Wedgewood- we all work together really well and always have each others backs to make it the best for our couples. Just look at beautiful Jodi and her smile ready to start in – on the first evening of her marriage.

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