Catching Kian – The Jamali’s – Cameron Park

The Jamali family have been friends and clients of mine now for almost a decade. Just about every year I have known them, we have worked together for an annual family shoot. I also got the honor of photographing their son, Kian’s, birth.

So, you could say I know a thing or two about Kian and his family. Like most boys, Kian is a pot of boiling energy, just itching for a release and so he always challenges me to get the best out of him at every shoot. Giving him an outlet for all that energy seems to be the magic solution, this time swinging on trees, running, and moving throughout this private estate in Cameron Park. Meanwhile, his older sister Shirin, is quite the little model, flashing me with those big brown eyes and beautiful curly hair at every opportunity.

The Jamalis moved to Berkeley this year to take advantage of their excellent schools and new jobs; Amir is a surgeon and Negar is a PICU doctor. Kian and Shirin are being taught in one third Spanish, one third French, and one third English in their school – I’m not sure if there’s anywhere in the Sacramento region that even offers that kind of schooling. It also sounds like a lot of hard work but, I know from my own daughters, it’s amazing how much young children’s brains can soak up. With business becoming more global these days, being trilingual will definitely be a huge advantage for them.

I was so honored that they worked in a session while they were in town visiting family and can’t wait to visit them for a post-session glass of wine in their new home town(and my old stomping grounds) very soon.




















Couldn’t resist adding a sweet memory from a session back when Shirin was a baby and still nursing.


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