Jamie and Roman ~ Sierra Banquet Center

9.20.14: the wedding day of Jamie and Roman, and the infamous King Fire started just one week before. If you were getting married that weekend in the Pollock Pines area, you weren’t really sure where your wedding would be. After several days of thick smoke-filled skies, a bit of blue emerged through the billows for Jamie and Roman’s wedding at Sierra Banquet Center.

Although the King Fire had pushed northeast settling our nerves down a bit locally, everyone’s knee-jerk reaction was to look up when they heard planes flying overhead to see what kind of aircraft it was; a jet dropping fire retardant, a helicopter with a water bucket, or a rescue helicopter. During the toasts, between references to baseball team rivalries, this exact thing happened. Of course, it was partly because no one could hear themselves over the drum of the engines, but also, as a community we were all on high alert, ready for the fire to blow back towards us. Jamie and Roman were even spotlighted that night on Channel 13 news in a segment that ran as “Life after the Fire.”

This could sound like a tense day, but if you like to laugh and have fun, you’d love Jamie and Roman and their friends. A large wedding party, and a whole passel of friends braved the prospect of the fire (in full force not all that far away) to help the bride and groom celebrate in style. Jamie was walked down the aisle by her two brothers, Matt and David. Sunflowers are her favorite flowers and they were prominent in her bouquets, exquisitely crafted by Camino Flower Shop.

Jamie’s twin sister, Julie (whose anniversary is the same day) and husband Brian were actually clients of mine for their wedding back in 2008. McKenna, Jamie and Roman’s son, loved dancing and ruled the dance floor. A spontaneous “rain dance” yielded a few drops from the evening sky as the celebration was winding down and who knows? Maybe it helped bring the heavy downpours later in the week for which we are all so grateful.

Venue: Sierra Banquet Center <inquiries@sierrabanquetcenter.com> | Music: Professional Mobile DJ | Florist: Camino Flower Shop | Cake Artist: D’Agostino Delights Bakery



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