March 2024: My Top Five favorite spots for photo sessions in El Dorado County

It’s time to shine...

by Lisa Richmond

March 2024: My Top Five favorite spots for photo sessions in El Dorado County

Ahhhhh. Wow, look at that sunset…look at the sunlight through the trees…moonlight on still water…sunlight on a spider web…the sparkle in your eyes.

Without light, I’d be out of business, plain and simple.

As I write this, it is the first day of Spring, when more abundant sunshine signals renewal, beginnings, and a return to warmth. This is making me think about the importance of light in our human experience. Being a witness to that human experience is a huge aspect of my job. I’m lucky to love my job, I know.

I’m gearing up for a busy Spring and Summer behind the lens, and I hope you’ll be part of it. I’ve been thinking about the places I most love to shoot in our beautiful region, and what they share is a photographer’s dream interaction with natural light. From sunlight filtering through the trees, to reflecting on the water, to the way the late afternoon sun creates an amber glow, it’s all about the light.

With the earth turning her face to the light, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the natural beauty that surrounds us. Senior photos, engagements, weddings, families and children—let’s take advantage of these lovely backdrops right here, close to home, and plan your perfect session with me as your guide.

It’s time to let the sunshine in. (Even if it’s raining or snowing right now, that will not last long.)
So, where shall we go?

Below are my tried and true session locations that I know like the back of my hand, and a sampling of how they’ve worked for past and returning clients. You’ll benefit from my thorough knowledge of these properties, and my rapport with the property owners. We’ll maximize the beauty and unique gifts each place offers.


My Top Five Picks of Places for Wow Factor Pics!   (be sure to click on the location names for more)

March 2024: My Top Five favorite spots for photo sessions in El Dorado County


Sly Park Lake–Pollock Pines. Really, one can’t go wrong at this public and expansive option. So many backdrops possible, amazing afternoon light, towering mixed conifer forest, the water and shoreline, plenty of weathered stumps, boulders, and play-inducing water and beach areas, many so easily accessed and perfect for working with energetic children in a casual, flexible locale. Ask me about my secret spot at the top of the hill.









March 2024: My Top Five favorite spots for photo sessions in El Dorado County


Private Christmas Tree Farm–Camino. Shhhhhh! This is my special, unadvertised shoot location on a drop-dead gorgeous property tucked away and easy to reach in the heart of Apple Hill. Liquid Amber trees put punctuation on this place for fall shoots especially, but it’s stunning year-round, and is lovely for winter shoots when we get lower snow. Plenty of stumps with character offer sturdy substance to whimsical, enduring shots you’ll love. Tall Sequoias offer majesty and scale to our human lives. Many thanks to Nancy who has become a friend over the years.








March 2024: My Top Five favorite spots for photo sessions in El Dorado CountyLarsen’s Apple Barn Park–Camino. Such an iconic and lush environment, featuring amazing afternoon light, gorgeous mature trees, an expansive, rolling lawn, and a perfect mix of sun and shade. Adding to the variety of scenic features are a year-round creek, barn, waterwheel and covered bridge. This location is ideal for photos that carry an Americana, small town and is a favorite for working with young children. Head to the bake shop for lunch or one of their famous pies to enjoy in the park. The Larsen family is generous, and I appreciate the welcoming and flexible support for my work and my clients’ photo sessions.


March 2024: My Top Five favorite spots for photo sessions in El Dorado CountyFausel Ranch–Placerville. The name says it all. Who doesn’t know the legendary abundance of Fausel Ranch fruits come spring and summer? You may not know that at least to me, this place is as sweet for photography as it is for luscious peaches and cherries. I must give a huge shout-out to the owner, Deanna (and David). To know her is to love her, and I’ve been blessed for many years getting to work with her, and benefitting from her hospitality and generosity of spirit when it comes to hosting gorgeous weddings and photo shoots for my clients. Early springtime pink and white blossoms abound and flitter in the breeze, reflecting the gorgeous natural light this place soaks up. A creek, lovely barn, bridge and many blooms complement this site.







Cronin Ranch–Coloma. Bring the horses, or not. This property is a dream if you have an equine buddy to add to the mix. Or maybe mountain biking or family walks is more your speed. I love this place with many trails, an impossibly huge sunset sky-scape, towering broad oaks, river access, a grassy, blooming meadow and plenty of intimate spots along a winding path. It all adds up to make this location a winner in every way.

March 2024: My Top Five favorite spots for photo sessions in El Dorado County

These are just a few of my favorite places to capture the beauty of you and your family and the area we chose to live in. Salmon Falls Lupine in super-bloom, 24 Carrot Farm (for sunflowers-galore in season), Alder Creek and many locales along the American River also offer spectacular options.

Call me today and let’s make it happen. I’m ready to be out there with you in the lovely light!


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