O’Neil Family

by Lisa Richmond

O’Neil Family

It was super fun to get together with the O’Neil family, with Jackson next up to graduate and Hunter back in town from the UK. We spent a lot of time laughing and joking and their family has a casual ease with each other which makes it easy to keep things loose and playful. Instead of just a senior session we did a family session but concentrated on, and celebrated Jackson.

Jackson is graduating early. During 2020 and Covid, he tested out of 8th grade and then went to Washington Middle College High School in Sacramento where he took high school and college classes simultaneously. Additionally, each summer he did summer classes and will graduate this month at the age of 16 with two AA’s from Sac City College. Goals. Get ’em!

He loves playing video and board games and hanging out with his friends and his brothers. He loves supporting his friends by tutoring others, going to football games to hang out with friends and to also support his band buddies. His favorite bands are Hozier, Bear Ghost, Last Dinosaurs, The Crane Wives, The Royston Club.  He also loves building and designing everything from legos to websites, games and tech. He loves space and astronomy. He enjoys photography. 

While he and his family will travel to Ireland and Scotland this summer, Jackson is hoping to take a year off and do some of his own abroad exploration.He took two years of Japanese in high school and wants to study in Japan as he also has a passion for Japanese food, animated films and learning about new languages and cultures. 

O’Neil Family O’Neil Family O’Neil Family O’Neil Family O’Neil Family O’Neil Family O’Neil Family O’Neil Family O’Neil Family O’Neil Family

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