The Anderson Family…2014

I’ve been watching Taylor and Ryan grow at basically the same rate as my own kids. You see, our children are about the same age and I have been photographing the Anderson family, annually since Ryan was an infant- perhaps for 9 or 10 years now? Jessica and Bret are so great about making time for this every single year despite their crazy schedules. They don’t even need to explain a cancellation/rescheduling as I’m living that same life too- kids running in various directions, working parents doing the same, soccer soccer soccer, family in town for a visit, I remember stitches one year, and the occasional flu or head cold. This year we headed out to Alder Creek to capture this moment in time for them with their bluetooth music box in hand and enjoyed the end of the day together moving through one of their itunes playlists by the cold and beautiful river. Always playful, always fun.

Love you all! Happy Holidays!


Bret, I think you may be levitating…



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