Acacia graduates from Rio Americano

“When Acacia was little she always found water, even if it was the only puddle in the parking lot”, said her mom, Carole.

Acacia is a music lover, plays flute and bass, loves theatre and audio engineering, writing, plants, video games, baking and experimental cooking. She graduates from Rio Americano, Class of 2020. It seemed perfect to meet up at the riverside off of highway 50 near Kyburz. El Dorado County was just starting to open up post-Covid (round 1), but even so we chose a remote location and wore masks to help keep each other safe. Well, except for Acacia- as we wouldn’t want to miss that beautiful smile!

And now just two weeks later, Covid, though still a pandemic, seems like an issue of the past. Just two weeks.

As I post these photographs, I think about the Class of 2020. I find myself reflecting about this year so far and what changes 2021 might bring? My thoughts take me forward a decade and even two decades as I think where will this country, world and planet be in 2030, 2040?

I think back to college and the anti-apartheid movement in the 80’s as the world joined together to support non-white South Africans and oppose policies of racial segregation.

I think about the group of peaceful protestors in front of the courthouse last night on Main Street in Placerville, comprised mostly of our youth, compelled in these moments to be together, eager to have a voice, eager to be a part of the solution, likely not even knowing how much work there is to do. But still, they’re there and engaging. They understand right from wrong.

What important work will these kids be doing ten years from now? Where will their hearts and passions take them? How will the country changing reflect their priorities? How will it not changing affect their drive? What will be required of the Class of 2020?

All I know is while depending on our youth to step up, to make a difference and to speak up, to be brave and to be bold, …it’s a tall order.

As a mom of a 2020 graduate, I know these kids have endured a lot in the last half of year, but these kids have heart…and they have learned by fire, a resilience that will take them where they need to go. I trust that.

Go and make your mark, Acacia. The world needs more people like you. Congratulations.


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