Fausel Ranch, est. 1877

Everyone knows the Fausel family. Whether it’s their delicious peaches or cherries you await every year(and my mouths watering just thinking about them), or the Placerville Hardware store located on Main Street in a structure dating back to 1850, before the city of Placerville existed, or if you celebrated your wedding day on their gorgeous ranch, if you are local, you’ve likely met someone related to the Fausel family. Deanna and David continue the Fausel history in Placerville and reside in the old home on Hanks Exchange Road previously owned by Kasper and Philomena Fausel. David Fausel is their great-grandson.

Fausel Ranch is one of the most beautiful and friendly wedding locations to work at in El Dorado County. I’ve had the pleasure of working there photographing many, many weddings including some big celebrations with their own families! I’ve enjoyed some gut-wrenching wedding day laughter with Deanna, but that’s another story entirely.

Deanna called me in May because the structure of their property as they know it was changing and “Grandma” needed to capture her whole extended family on the property before it changed forever. It was her Christmas present.

A week after our session, the county began the construction of a two-lane bridge in the old creekside meadow across the street from their home. The Fausel’s provided this easement to move the main road from being directly adjacent to their property, to keep the length of construction time down, and to save the character of their current one-lane bridge. I went out before our session with my drone to capture what the landscape looked like prior to construction(see photo below) and was joined by my daughter Jaz and some very interested horses wondering what all that “buzz” was…

Last time I photographed the extended Fausel family in 2013 there were three grandkids and one on the way. Fast forward to 2020, now there are seven grandkids. Grandma said it was time to capture it, so we all made it happen. I’ve included some old photos I received from Deanna. I love old photos. Thank you Deanna!

Fausel Family 2013


Deanna and David

Nate, Kylie, Lydia, Maddy and Colton


Aubree, William, Ethan, Danielle and Haylee

Albert, Ajay and Melissa

The Fausel Family on the old Hanks Exchange Road

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