Baby Ava, Newborn session

She’s here and Baby Ava couldn’t be any sweeter, cuter and little. It simply amazes me every. single. time. WOW! A little life just five days old! I loved getting to go and capture her in her new home. Older sister Claire was adjusting to having a new baby sister and in her family as all kids do. She was loving the extra time she was getting with her two grandmothers who were in town and helping. Thank goodness for that. I remember crying when my mother-in-law left after a week of helping with EVERYTHING- I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. It’s a lot when you first get home with a newborn and are adjusting and have no sleep AND you have a toddler too. The wild thing about having a toddler who is your first baby is that all of a sudden she’s not the baby anymore. Just like that, she seems so big, so much older.  Even just from the maternity shoot three weeks ago. Shannon, Dan, Claire, and now baby Ava are starting their new life, all together. I’m looking forward to capturing their family as they grow together.


Maternity Session:

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