Eric and Jody along the enchanted path….

On July 27, Eric and Jody celebrated their marriage at Strawberry Lodge in Kyburz.(read the history of the Lodge here). Nestled in the mountains at 5700ft., their unique celebration, complete with a castle hand built by Eric, brought together many of their dear friends and family while also expanding their own family to now include their three sons, Weston, Brian and Lucas. 

Eric and Jody’s met on a blind date set up by one of Jody’s students… AND the student’s father is Eric’s friend of over 20 years. Don’t you just love that? With Jody’s warm and engaging smile and Eric’s sensitive tears during their vows that choked up everyone- it’s easy to see how this happy-go-lucky couple found love in each other.

Earlier when asking Eric about Jody, Eric said, “I immediately felt a connection with Jody due to her sarcasm. She was painting murals at her son’s school in the weeks before our first date. The first thing I noticed was her hands. They were not finely manicured, but looked as if she worked and could do things for herself. That was a big turn on!” And it appears that they both can as they personally transformed the Strawberry Lodge into their very own enchanted forest for the evening.

If that’s not enough, Mumbo Gumbo provided the amazing soundtrack for their reception.

They are so good!

(Mumbo Gumbo backstory: When I first moved to San Francisco in the late 80’s and was just getting involved in the bay area music scene, Mobius Music, a studio in Noe Valley that I was recently employed by working as a 2nd engineer, invited me to help out on Mumbo Gumbo’s session. Let’s just say- MG’s friendly charm, artistic process and musicality had me hooked! Ultimately I opened my own studio in the East Bay for about 15 years. It was special to see them some 30 years later.)

Eric and Jody, wishing you both the very best along your enchanted path. Here are some of my favorites. Your complete gallery will be ready very soon.

Assisted by Jaz Leddy, Venue: Strawberry Lodge, Band: Mumbo Gumbo, Coordinator: Mary Aloi

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