Sahoko and Josh, Blake Garden in Kensington, California

High on hill, overlooking the rolling fog almost covering the Golden Gate Bridge, Sahoko and Josh exchanged their vows at Blake Garden where Sahoko is doing an artist residency exploring dyes and paints from organic materials.

I met Sahoko this past January while we were both working for Van Climate Council. The Climate Council recently visited California researching the social dimensions of the food system something that Sahoko is passionate about (read more here and here).  She got in touch with me just a few weeks before their wedding and asked me to capture their nuptials. Having lived in the Bay Area for about 12 years, I always enjoy going back. Oh, and those views from above- one could never tire of it. From our mountain community of Pollock Pines, nestled between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe to the bustling Bay Area, my daughter (and summer assistant) Jaz, enjoyed our road trip to the bay area and Blake Garden.

At 1pm surrounded by family and friends, the lush plant life and the warmth of the day, everyone gathered in a semi circle around Sahoko and Josh, to support their marriage and the friendships they shared. It is always amazes me how weddings and are a clear refection of the couple themselves. Theirs was a lovely day and a beautiful and personable ceremony. I left Blake Garden with with a peaceful and content smile, breathing in the ocean air- happy to be alive!

From their initial meeting on a dating site while both in graduate school, to a celebratory Hamilton performance at the Orpheus theatre to a marriage proposal at the top of Corona Heights overlooking the city, Sahoko and Josh knew that an intimate gathering high on another hill was how they wanted to celebrate their first day of marriage.

Thank you so much for your kindness and for including us. Wishing you both wonderful adventures full of love, laughter and ever expanding views.

Here are a few of my favorites. Your complete gallery will be ready very soon.

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