Fiona – Downtown Sacramento

by Lisa Richmond

Guest Blogger: Ember Soleil Leddy

While I first met Fiona when we were little, this year we became great friends. I started attending Charter University Prep, as does Fiona, and she made me feel welcomed immediately. Fiona does that with all of her friends. She makes it a priority to have the people she cares about feel comfortable and at peace. Or she makes them laugh so hard it feels like their ribs are cramping…

She is the kind of person who puts aside everything she is dealing with to go out of her way to ask if you’re okay. Fiona doesn’t care if you stubbed your toe or your whole life is falling apart, she’s there in an instant.

I’ve been so lucky to have Fiona’s friendship because not only is she fiercely loyal, she’s incredibly talented and motivated. If I could guarantee one person is going to grow up to be successful and fulfill her dreams, it’s Fiona. She puts her mind to something, whether it’s saving money for college or perfecting a painting, and she does it.

She is still awaiting most of her college decisions but I have no doubt that wherever she goes and whatever she does, she will excel and her kind heart will be admired by her friends.

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