Kailey + Matt ~ Engagement Session – El Dorado Hills Town Center

When a couple is so in love, drawn together by that invisible string that keeps them touching and looking and smiling, and when those two people are so open and trusting, what happens in a photography session is nothing short of magic. My gosh, I just loved these two!

I met Kailey and Matt recently at El Dorado Hills Town Center for an engagement session that was originally a trial run as they considered booking me for the 2014 Bodega Bay wedding.

They originally knew one another, would you believe it, back in first grade at Pinewood Elementary School, in Pollock Pines – the same school my girls attend – and Kailey admits to having a crush on Matt even back then. Obviously they haven’t been together ever since but serendipity was clearly at work when they met again recently. Matt’s father was in the hospital where Kailey works as a nurse and she recognized his last name while caring for him. Kailey mentioned knowing Matt from school and, before you know it, hospital visits turned into dates and dates turned into an engagement… and here we are! What a sweet story.

We had such a great time together at the Town Center that they did, in fact, decide to book me, there-and-then, for their wedding next year and I am so excited. Bodega Bay is just beautiful and I can’t wait to photograph their ceremony there.

Fun story from this shoot: my assistant, Jeri Noakes, ran into a real estate agent friend of hers from ReMax, Susie Morton, who insisted on taking us (twist my arm!) onto a rooftop balcony above their offices for a great view. Thanks, Jeri, for assisting me – I think she was just as much the reason Kailey and Matt booked me as my photography skills were. And thanks to Susie too, for the great view.


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