Lindsey & Adam

by Lisa Richmond

It was a pleasure meeting Lindsey and Adam and they couldn’t be any sweeter as a couple. I knew they were a little nervous about having all the attention on them for this engagement session but after about 10 minutes or so they settled into having some fun with each other outside- even forgetting about me for bits of time- sort of like a date with someone taking photographs. We played in the fall colors in a private wooded area giving them even more comfort to relax. When not being photographed, Adam is an accountant and Lindsey is a grade school teacher. They enjoy hiking, camping, running and wine tasting together.

Lindsey and Adam got engaged a few months ago at Razor Point on the Torrey Pines Trail in Southern California. While they are excited about planning their future wedding, they are currently focusing their energies on buying their first home together which as we all know in Northern California, isn’t a walk in the park. At least they got to enjoy this one. I look forward to hearing about what they find and where they will live and build their lives together. Congratulations!

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