Madison, Hailey, 2 horses and a monkey

This time of year I get asked about mini sessions. My version of a mini session is a 30-minute session, with the digital files included in the cost. For me, trying to squeeze in a line of families every 15-20 minutes, back to back, doesn’t allow me the time to allow something unique to happen. We can get alot done in 30 minutes…and I still feel like I’m moving quickly. Basically, I’ll take the connection with my customers any old day versus rushing people through. It’s the way I prefer to work.

This was the second year I have photographed the Shore kids and this time it was at their home with their prized horses. While there are many more images than shown here. these are my favorites. I was so glad to be back this year to see these kids growing up. I also got to see their monkey up close and check out the strength of its tail. Thank you, Shala- Happy Holidays to your family!

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