Little Miss Ava

Little Miss Ava. Look at that sweet face.

Well, it used to be that my most favorite part of photographing newborn sessions was getting a little newborn snuggle-time while also giving a tired mom and dad a little break here and there. In these times of covid, this is unfortunately not possible. I choose not to have any physical contact with these little babies. I can’t wait till this is not the case.

Secondary to newborn snuggles, my love of newborn sessions has always been about relationships and capturing them. I love mom and dad soaking it all in and I love the backdrop of the very first environment that a baby will know- their home.

Thirdly, I love going into a new location and figuring out the best ways to utilize the light and environment. I find it challenging and (usually) rewarding. I truly love these captures of Little Miss Ava.

When Candace reached out about getting some newborn images after being referred by someone she was feeling a little pressed because Ava was already one week old and she didn’t want to miss it. After having to rework their huge wedding bash into a small micro wedding she was determined to make this happen. She texted me some images around their home during different parts of the day so I could decide the best time of day for Ava’s session and also to create a game plan in my head on my way over to their home in Rancho Murieta.

I can’t say that it was easy to wear an N-95 for the entire session, in fact it was super challenging as a mask steams up my view finder so I in turn find myself holding my breath as I shoot which makes me lose my breath. Interesting.  I stepped out many times to get some oxygen and to cool off as newborn homes are warm. Candace and Mike were grateful for my precautions and put on their masks when not in the photographs. Ava has very kind, genuine and loving parents to raise her. Another very lucky little girl.

It’s a tough time this year of 2020 but getting to see new life reminds me of the circle of life that we all are a part of.

Welcome to this world Ava, it’s only going to get better! You know it!

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