Tom and Jillian

by Lisa Richmond



Ok, I must be getting older…because look at those babies!

And now, look at these kids all grown up!

It was so wonderful to get to photograph Tom and Jillian’s senior photos celebrating their graduation from Oak Ridge High School. Tom is handsome with those gorgeous blue eyes and so sweet and kind. He loves ALL THINGS computer games! Jillian-poised, with those deep brown eyes, beautiful hair and bright smile is also such a sweetie. She sang for me during the session having just returned with her choral group from performing at Carnegie Hall in New York City! Amazing.

My husband and I have known this family for over two decades. Tom and Jill have grown up so much in the last few years. Mama Pam is a dear friend of mine and a talented hair stylist if you’re ever looking for a cut that works every time without a blow dryer….(love her). When she’s not helping me with an “out of the shower” cut, you’ll find her helping people in her other career as a nurse.

With all of our kids in or moving into their next phase of life, it makes you sit back and just wonder where all the time has gone.

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