It’s ALL about the bubbles….

by Lisa Richmond

It’s not always “hitting the ground running” with a session, especially with toddlers and a timeframe. While this one started off a bit shaky, we were able to find a rhythm with Miss Madelynn and capture some lovely images. While I’m certain Mandy and Tom, whom I photographed their gorgeous spring wedding in the exact same location in 2019, were wishing they didn’t have an upset little one. They stayed calm and patient and we all worked to refocus energies. I pulled out every trick I knew and ultimately I got to capture that sweet, curious, toddler with the adorable dimpled smile (bubbles were key). And while capturing happy photographs are always a wish for a family session, sometimes it’s the reality of the moment- the tears and the comforting, that really tell the story. Madelynn even gave us all the stink eye while she pushed her lawnmower past me. Classic.

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