Jessica – Union Mine’s Class of 2022

My kids grew up going to grade and middle school with Jessica, locally in Pollock Pines. We went through many seasons of soccer with Jessica and her family too, because as you know if your kids were in soccer, soccer is a family sport; multiple times a week and on weekends, of course. I remember what a competitive spirit she was and also how fast she was.

Fast forward to 2021- and there I was photographing the graduating Jessica at Sly Park Lake just an hour or so before homecoming began at Union Mine. Right? Why not schedule a session when you’re all dolled up ready to roll? Jessica’s days of basketball and soccer are the past now and as many high schoolers’, having a job(at Safeway) and chatting with friends, along with keeping up with her school work fills her days. She plans to graduate a semester early this December.

Jessica has beautiful, curly hair and a smile that lights up her eyes. Mary, her mom was commenting on the cost of that smile 🙂 All in all, Jessica is a great kid, I mean an “adult” who is smart, hard-working, beautiful, kind and very friendly. While she is not sure what is next for her(likely college) she commented that she would miss her parents. That’s sooooo sweet. Congratulations Jessica on your senior year and upcoming December graduation. Go get ’em!

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