Liz is heading to USF

by Lisa Richmond

I recently met the Hough family at Sly Park Lake to celebrate Elizabeth’s graduation from Union Mine High School this past May. Of course, I wanted to make sure we captured the whole family too, as this is a big milestone. Being able to watch your child graduate from High School is an important milestone and even more important to my dear friend, Lindia. Set your goals and make them happen. Move forward in positivity and grace. Have gratitude for each day. These are just a few of the things I have learned from in part from Lindia over the years so I can only imagine how blessed Elizabeth is to have Lindia as her Mama. As you can see from these captures, both Elizabeth’s mom and dad are smitten with her. Maybe you know Elizabeth from Union Mine, maybe you know her from Pinewood or Sierra Ridge- back in those days, maybe she’s handed you your take out from 50 Grand during 2020 or your coffee at Starbucks on Broadway but I can tell you one thing, you will definitely know her as she makes her mark at USF. She plans to study medicine and wants to be a pediatrician because she feels they also get more of a personal relationship with their clients. Whatever she decides to do, you can bet that she’ll set some goals and make them happen, move forward in positivity and grace and have gratitude for each day. Love you all!

Many thanks to Dave and Lindia for trusting me with this one- we all know it happens so fast. Go get ’em Liz!

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