The Blair Family 2017- many reasons to celebrate!

One would think that simply getting your once West Coast, now mostly East Coast, family together for a holiday in Lake Tahoe would be enough reason to celebrate and capture family photographs, the Blair family squeezed so much more in.

When Rebekah, their oldest daughter contacted me months ago with an holiday gift idea for her mom(and my old friend), I was all in. I knew Ruthie back when my kids were young and it really seems like forever ago. As I remember (and that can be tougher these days), she was the mom who always made it all look so easy…gently gliding from one child’s school play to the next family crisis to the 6pm PTA meeting, pasta boiling on the stove while simultaneously packing a field trip lunch with some mom in need’s baby on her hip—it was as if nothing could come any easier. AND even if it didn’t- Ruthie always took it in stride-in fact, she was good at it- ROLLING WITH IT….snickering, shrugging shoulders, making a funny little comment in her gentle southern tone “oh well”…(laugh, eye roll, laugh). We all learned alot from Ruthie over the years and continue to.

So much life has passed since we said goodbye to the Blair family 2008 as they headed back to their roots in Bristol Tennessee  (“and they loaded up the truck and they moved to Tennessee”). Rebekah, the oldest, with a smile so beautiful you could photograph her all day long …and just ask Nathan, her across the street, Pollock Pines childhood sweetheart whom she married in 2013.  His mom, Mrs. Rhodes taught my children piano and they just celebrated 5 years strong. I could go on and on…Rebekah works for a non profit and Nathan is a nurse. Great people!

Paul, their middle child is in the Army, stationed in Ft Lewis, Washington. Recently he and Brooke eloped so it was extra special capturing some post elopement images for family as they start out their life together. They drove down with their Tahoe loving dog to join this family reunion.

Paul, the youngest will be finishing up his senior year in Bristol and heading off to college to study aerospace engineering and likely attending Texas A&M. He’s personable, charming and smart as a whip. Getting to know him a little better (since he is now 17 and not 7) and capturing a few senior photographs was both a pleasure and a time warp. My oldest daughter Jaz who is about the same age as John, assisted me on this session and it was fun to see them all together.

And if that is not enough life happening….Ruthie and Keith are celebrating 30 years together. We’ll call this session the 30 year anniversary, elopement, 5 years strong, high school senior, family reunion and  holiday session and I THINK that just may about cover it.

Towards the end of the session, when photographing Ruthie and Keith together, I suggested that they look over at the kids and all of the lives that they are a part of. It was touching to see Keith get a little choked up. Alot can happen in a 30 year marriage.

We all love the Blair family and the honor of participating in the documenting of these milestones made make may heart sing. And on December 23, it even nudged me a bit into the Christmas spirit. That doesn’t surprise me….

found one from 2005….

old(er) friends….

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