The Sahu Family

When Heaven called me after being referred to my business for a Tahoe family snow session right after the holidays, I was ALL in. Well, except for that part where we needed SNOW and SUNSHINE…and in a defined period of time. That’s a tall order. Anyone who lives around here in the mountains and that skis knows that it doesn’t usually work that way.  Weather is more predictable about 2-3 days out as it changes so fast. Other than that, it can be a crap shoot.

I recommended the Echo Lake area due to the elevation and better probability of longer lasting snow and also because of the beautiful wooded areas.

And ya know what? It ALL came together. The “heavens” opened up. We got beautiful fluffy snow and warm California sunshine AND on the day we booked. How cool is that? And look how beautiful it was!

Heaven and Ashish and their two adorable(and vivacious) boys, Rohan and Robin romped and sledded in the snow while I captured it all with my camera and while my daughter Jaz corralled both boys and sleds. It’s super fun to pick an activity and especially for young families where the kids are engaged. Now, that doesn’t mean Heaven and Ashish weren’t working hard but all in all, they had a great time and I am sure ALL slept well that night.

Many thanks Heaven and Ashish- I loved meeting you all and your family. Here are a few of my favorites. Your complete gallery will be ready soon.

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