Catie is graduating in 2021!

I have been photographing the Gray family since this shot above from Emigrant Trail pre-school(2005 ish?) and Catie still has alot to say! Watching these kids grow up and participate in school events alongside my own kids in our small community has been a rewarding experience. Who knew what their passions would be back when this photo was taken.

Catie’s passion is all things art. She plays piano, guitar, ukulele, flute, accordion, percussion. She has been singing since she was two and loves musical theater after her first visit to see Wicked at age of 6. Her mom and my dear friend Melinda loves the theatre and has clearly accelerated Catie’s passion for it. After taking Jack’s senior photographs at the airport where his own passion is for flying, I remember sitting in a parking lot with Mel and our phones, buying super cheap Hamilton ticket that just had been released. She knew about it and therefore, so did I. Melinda always has the hot tip.

Many artists enjoy collaboration and Catie is no exception. She aspires to “make art” with other people whether through music, theater, performance, fine arts or all of the above.

Catie’s faith guides her and she has been on the worship team at Westside Church since she was 12. She hopes is to fill her gap year (before real college) with learning and has applied to a music internship and to do a semester at a bible college in Australia.  Let’s just hope the world opens up by then because I know many students who are ready to roll. In speaking with Melinda, she said, “that Catie was born two weeks early because she wanted to ‘Get on with the Show’ “. tThis does not surprise me. Catie has an effervescent and beautiful personality that paints the world around her in such a free-flowing way. I can’t wait to see where life takes this one….or rather, where she takes life. Congrats Catie!


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