Happy first birthday, darling….

And so it is….Miss Lily is one and what a doll she is. Big brother Nyron called me “Aunt Lisa” when I arrived and I just about melted. His warm expression towards me just about summed up the connection I feel with this family after so many milestones, starting with Matt’s high school senior photos many years ago, if you can believe it. Kailey, Matt and their family are so dear to me. We’ve trusted each other through alot and for a long time and I’m so very honored to have them as friends.

We kept this session simple and at their new home in Rancho as for our last one we headed to Lake Tahoe and perhaps it was too much for the youngins’. Matt may have suggested that Kailey and I plan sessions that can be like “climbing Mount Everest”…and he might possibly be right, at least some of the time 🙂  It’s just that we love working together and I adore these people and enjoy going all out for them! Happy Birthday Miss Lily! xxoo

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