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Women’s March in Sacramento ~ Jan 21, 2017

On January 21 I participated in the #WomensMarch in #Sacramento. I volunteered my time to the Women’s March organizers to document this event after my good friend and colleague, Michelle McDaid offered up our services. There were no individual stars in this event like the many brides and grooms that I photograph every weekend capturing weddings. This event was about all of our collective voices joining together, and choosing together not to remain silent or compliant. Like those that have paved the way for my own rights, I felt compelled to continue to pave the way for my daughter’s rights and their future. One of my friends, Keith Wohlwend wore his daughter on his back- claiming that SHE was his statement. I get it! The tone of this event was lighthearted (but with conviction) and peaceful and I couldn’t have felt any more in my element listening, seeing, feeling, being and capturing the many angles from which this gathering spoke to me. I enjoyed the journalistic aspect of making a difference in my own way and am inspired to keep pushing in this direction with my work. I felt connected to something bigger and something more important.

I offer these images to spread the good vibes of people joining together and working together to make a difference and to be heard. And yes, THIS IS what democracy looks like! Keep your eyes and ears open!

  • Tina Comer - February 27, 2017 - 3:21 pm

    Lisa I wanted to drop you a note about your pics. I don’t care to get political, I have had enough of that lately to last a lifetime. But today, I saw for the first time, pictures of the march that showed it in a different light. A come togetherness and a unity. Now I still have different views of some hot button topics but that’s the beautiful part of your pics. They spoke to me even though there’s that said difference. They showed not the media hyped up negative ugly, they showed a come togetherness of people who weren’t being ugly or hateful. I wish this is what we could see in every aspect of diversity. I wish we could all have more respect, myself included, for others and their opinions. More true good human moments. I felt drawn to your photos. Pulled in. I looked at faces and it made me think. Isn’t that a beautiful thing.. to open someone’s mind and make them reflect on how they view others. I wish all journalists could make us see things like this. With a difference of opinion but respect for that. I didn’t know if my comment came across as a jab at “well I don’t agree but…” that is not how I intended. I just wanted to say I was touched. Regardless of views, your photos reached out and drew me in. That is a true gift.

  • Kailey Moravek - February 7, 2017 - 3:56 pm

    I went offline in all senses right as this was happening so I have not seen anything of these marches. I am surprised by your work. I don’t see anger or fear at all. I see hope, determination, and strength. I see men supporting the women they love and just supporting women in general. I see people celebrating what makes them unique and I see young girls being empowered to show their strength and beauty. I particularly enjoyed the photos of the young dancers. Your photos are stunning as always, but you really showed a side of this whole movement that I think many people do not understand. That is your true talent as a photographer. Thank you for sharing your blog post with me 😊

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