Andrew Heringer Band

This summer Jeff and I asked the Andrew Heringer Band to play an end of summer party at our home (see here). These guys are as talented as they are fun to hang out with, so when Andrew called and asked if I would shoot their new promo shots, I was excited. Music has always been a part of my life. I was a band manager in college (while studying for a BS in photography) for an eclectic, popular and up and coming band, Dogtalk. My photo professor kept encouraging me to find things to photograph other than bands, instruments and music. I didn’t, and instead moved across country to San Francisco with them and pursued a career in the live and recording arts as a sound engineer. In 1991 I opened a recording studio in Emeryville called Dance Home Sound and spent a good 12-15 years recording up and coming talent in the bay area. I loved my job, but when I got married, moved up to Pollock Pines and started a family, commuting back and forth to the bay area proved a bit overwhelming. That is when I jumped in and started building my photography business back up while spending a lot of time behind my camera experimenting with composition and techniques. I have always found audio engineering and photography to be very similar in that they both require people skills and the ability to use technology creatively to capture a moment or a feeling, and find a way to convey that emotion to an audience. One is expressed aurally and the other visually.

Many thanks to the talented and generous Cassi Harms who so openly shared with me all her cool downtown shooting locations, to my assistant Cassie who always has my back, and to Andrew, Jonathan, Jason, Kellan, and Arlyn for bringing your music into all of our lives and allowing me a day to revisit my past musical world with a new “lens” on. Happy birthday Andrew!

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