Wren and her cute, squishy, little feet ~ 2 months

I’m so grateful when cool clients are referred to me by other cool clients. Being friends of friends really goes a long way and this session was comfortable right from the get go (I just googled that and it is a real phrase…git-go too, fyi). Brooke and Smokey are warm and friendly folks, easy going and like minded. They were easily open to letting the session flow as it will- almost an unspoken; which is important because, beautiful Wren was only 2 months old and those of us who have had babies know that it is not about OUR timeline- it is about theirs- and going with it.

I love doing these sessions in the home. Not only is it where baby, mom and dad feel most comfortable, using the home as a backdrop also adds the dimensions of time and place to their images. This one was even more meaningful because Brooke and Smokey had just finished building their home on family property. New home, new baby and their two dogs, Levi and Gus, there to make sure everything was going just as it should be.

As is typical with these sessions, I like to capture “a day in the life”, or at least a few hours of it anyways. There were diaper changes, nursing sessions, loving gazes, cat naps, tears, smiles, dog curiosity about who the heck is messing with “our” baby, and then of course, those “wrinkly feet loves” that no mother can resist.

Thanks to all of my connections with Brooke, including Tiffany and Keith, Kim, and Mari for keeping my love of photography fun and even more meaningful. I’m grateful for all of your awesome referrals!


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