Claire, Class of 2021 Ponderosa High School

I met Claire and her mom, Sara down by the river in Coloma. The shoreline I had been to the day before no longer existed due to water release so we quickly shifted to another location, a little higher than the river.

Claire is thoughtfully reflective. As an aspiring author, she spends a lot of time reading and writing stories with fantasy being her favorite genre. She also makes beautiful jewelry which she wore(and I photographed) during her senior session.

She just returned from a trip to the northwest visiting several of the universities she was accepted to and confesses that she still doesn’t know what her decision will be May 1. This is such an exciting time. She’s looking at schools in Washington, Oregon and Colorado to study creative writing. I can’t wait to hear about what she chooses.

This May, Claire will be a 2021 Ponderosa graduate and plans to walk across a stage, take it all in, down the steps on the other side, and onto her next adventure. Congratulations Claire.


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