Chatham Hall, Chatham, VA – High School Graduation

Being back at Chatham Hall, in many ways, can feel for me like time has stood still. Most of the same traditions still exist as when I was a student at this Virginia Boarding school 30 years ago. My French Teacher, Mary Lee Black, (aka: “Madame”) has remained, although retiring this year after more than two decades of service. Even the students looked familiar, a few of them daughters of my own classmates. I was reminded that the school has also retained the same spirit of generosity and kindness that I remember fondly from my time there; Shelley, my assistant from California, said she loved the community welcome we received.

After 29 years of photographing Chatham Hall graduations, the atmosphere and feeling of homecoming never gets old.

Each year I appreciate, more than ever, the opportunity to contribute to a part of the school’s history, and, remembering everything the school taught me, share in the joy of watching these confident, beautiful young women graduate.

It’s a jam-packed weekend of shooting, as you’ll see from the photos of all the events, and I could not do it without the help of my assistants. This year Shelley joined me from California, and I was also fortunate to have the dedicated help of Kelsey, Yolanda and Annika, students of the school.

2013’s festivities were also blessed with incredibly hot and humid weather and so I would also like to thank Schay and Hunter (and Ranger) who offered us much-needed air-conditioning on campus as well as the pleasure of their hospitality during our visit.

Many thanks to Chatham Hall and the Classes of 2013 and 2014 for visual inspiration for this years slideshow, and to my artist selections for lyrical and musical inspiration.

Note: In order to view the slideshow you must have Adobe Flash. What this means is that ipads and iphones will not play the slideshow. It’s more fun anyway on a larger screen:) Later the week of June 17, I plan to have the entire gallery ready for viewing. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Click here to view the 2013 Graduation Slideshow

 The Chatham Hall Class of 2013

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